App Review: DoublePane (Updated)

DoublePane is a simple app that brings easy window management to your Mac. With DoublePane [$2.99] you can easily set a window to fill the left or right half of the screen or even maximize it to fill the whole screen and with a simple click your window can be restored to its previous position. If you have ever seen or used the Snap feature in Windows 7 then you have an idea of what DoublePane can do.

Living up in your menu bar, DoublePane is just a click away, but if you are a keyboard shortcut fan DoublePane has you covered. Hitting Control+Option+left/right/up/down will position the active window to your desired location. Even better, the keyboard shortcuts are fully customizable so you can adjust it to fit your needs.

Being able to easily align two windows side by side is a great addition to your Mac. There are numerous ways that it comes in handy. I use this method all the time when I am transferring files to and from my external hard drives. It also comes in handy when writing up a report. You can align your document on one side of the screen and your notes or website you are gathering information from on the opposite side. Those of you with larger or higher resolution screens will really benefit from this.

I really love being able to easily organize my windows with out having to mess with them myself. Got to hand it to whoever thought of that at Redmond. My only feature request for DoublePane is to add the ability to drag a window to the edge of the screen and have it fill that side of the screen just like in Windows 7. Oh, and give me the option to run DoublePane in the background with no menu bar or dock icon active. Add these two features and I would be double happy with DoublePane [$2.99].

Update: I spoke with Nick over at 5am Code and he said that they are working on the option to hide the menu bar icon and that mouse snapping at the edge of the screen is on the top of the list for a future release. Sounds great!

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About Brandon Mawhorter

Brandon Mawhorter is a tech enthusiast from Southern California with a B.S. in Finance. Working in IT at elementary schools is his day job which is great because he gets to play with Macs all day long.
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